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Often asked: How To Get A Ps&r Report For Hospice?

How do I access my Medicare PS&R reports?

Go to and login with your user name and password. Your biller is the person most likely to have your login information.

How do I get my PS&R Report?

Instructions on How to Use Redesign

  1. Providers access PS&R using the CMS Enterprise Portal.
  2. An IDM login screen will appear, login using your IDM ID and password,
  3. On the main PS&R homepage, select “Request Report” (at the top of the page),
  4. Then select “Request Summary” from the second line of the next screen,

What is a PS&R Report?

The Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) System report provides key payment and statistical data for skilled nursing facilities (SNF) applicable to processed and finalized Medicare Part A and Part B claims. A SNF provider can request these reports on the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) system.

How do I get access to MARx?

If the user has access to more than 2 or 3 applications MARx may not display as a tile, to locate MARx, click on “View Apps” and then on “Application” for MARx to launch. If the user has access to 2 or less applications, select the MARx UI tile and then select the MARx UI Application link.

What is MCReF?

MCReF is the Medicare Cost Report e-Filing system. The portal allows Medicare Part A providers to electronically transmit (e-file) their cost report and supporting documentation directly to their respective Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).

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How do I access CMS?

Navigate to

  1. On the CMS Enterprise Portal page, select the New User Registration link.
  2. Select your Application (MA/MA-PD/PDP/CC)
  3. Agree to Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Provide the information requested on the Register Your Information page.

What is CMS in web design?

A Content Management System (CMS), is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that makes interacting with a website’s database user friendly. Although the CMS is the entirety of the web application (database tables, admin panel and front-end display), a CMS is typically judged on the functionality of its admin panel.

What is a CMS Marketing?

A content management system is for creating, managing, and optimizing your customers’ digital experience. More specifically, a CMS is a software application that allows users to collaborate in the creation, editing, and production of digital content: web pages, blog posts, etc.

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