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Question: What Is Hospice Casper Report?

What does Casper report mean?

CASPER is the acronym for Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting system. The CASPER reports are generated from Minimum Data Set (MDS) data 3 Page 4 4 types of CASPER reports are available.

What is a Casper report for home health?

CASPER is an acronym for Certification And Survey Provider Enhanced Reports. These are reports that are compiled using your submitted OASIS data to demonstrate your agency’s performance. Current metrics are benchmarked against a prior period and the national rate.

What is a his report in hospice?

Hospice Item Set (HIS) HIS is a patient level data collection tool developed by CMS. Hospices are required to submit an HIS-Admission record and an HIS-Discharge record for each patient no matter their payer source.

What is the purpose of the hospice item set?

In contrast, an item set is a standardized mechanism for abstracting data from the medical record. Implementing the HIS in your hospice organization: One method for implementing the HIS in your hospice organization is to map items currently in your clinical record to items in the HIS.

How long do falls stay on the Casper report?

So in effect the resident’s fall may affect your quality measures up to one year. On the CASPER report the denominator is the number of residents potentially impacted by the quality measure condition during the report period.

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What is the SNF quality reporting program?

In response, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) established the SNF Quality Reporting Program (QRP) and authorized the Secretary to report quality measures that relate to care provided by SNFs on a CMS website. The SNF QRP data will be publicly reported on Care Compare (CCXP).

How can I improve my home health star rating?

Tips for Improving Care Quality

  1. Establish a communication plan.
  2. Encourage data accuracy.
  3. Improve the quality of data submitted through OASIS.
  4. Encourage feedback.
  5. Use technology.
  6. Improve one measure at a time.
  7. Identify smart improvements.

What does ROC mean in home health?

A Start of Care (SOC) or Resumption of Care (ROC) assessment that has a matching End of Care (EOC) assessment. EOC assessments are conducted at transfer to an inpatient facility (with or without discharge), death, or discharge from home health care.

How do I access CMS Casper reports?

Select the Reports button [Alt + r] from the CASPER toolbar to access the CASPER Reports page (Figure 2-5). The Report Categories pane on the left lists the various report categories that are available to you.

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